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HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. has already proven its worth in terms of outsourcing services ranging from virtual task management, SEO and internet marketing, online customer support to web designs, website and mobile app development, flash design animation and many others. Our company is the pioneer and leading provider of these clients, that until now, they choose to work with us. It is our pride to let you see our satisfied clients’ testimonials below.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. With SIL International“Thank you so much for checking in with us on this project.  I am happy with your work for our team and your participation in our project.  At this time I believe this project is working well.” — Kurt Symanzik and Mark Jones, SIL


HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. Do Business With Promotional Ad Agency“Thank You for doing such [an] excellent job/providing me with very friendly speedy customer service. I will order more business cards/letterhead and envelopes in the future for my company. I will be sending new customers to your company very soon for more future projects.” — Jeff Ventress, Promotional Ad Agency


HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. Do Business With Saleamp“Your staff is an asset to our team.  They are efficient and great at taking the initiative and figuring out how to make our team better and more effective. Please keep up the good work.” — Esteban Diocares, SaleAmp


HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. With The Lion Marketing Group“…I love it! Your guy knocked it out of the park. It really maintains the essence of the original and adds a little mystery. Thanks!!!” — The Lion Marketing Group


HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. Do Business With Action Advertising Agency“This project went very smoothly and I appreciate your help and quick responsiveness. Thank you for your good work!” — Karen Cameron, Action Advertising Agency


HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. With BigWig Monster Media“We really enjoy working with you, in fact i want you on all of our projects.” — Luke Blackamore, Bigwig Monster Media


5gs-logo-e1437372136317“We’re getting a lot of “mileage” out of doing this project with “sprints” – we are able to detect issues early and apply them to future sprints. As well, I am pleased with HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc., responsiveness and professionalism – big difference from our earlier projects, and I have communicated that to ZBglobal who are very happy as well.” — Victor Cacho, 5thG Solutions


default-logo“You are doing a huge amount of work and I really appreciate the big improvement in what is happening since you took over management. Surely I must owe your company more money?” — Bill McGarth, PromoSales Pty. Ltd


Outsource with us and we will make your company brew the perfect outsourcing solutions to achieve success. HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. maintains and upgrades the right tools and people to stir up the right formula for your company to grow into a world wide brand.