Do you have too much tasks to do with little to no time at all?

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. offers high-quality services that can ramp up your business’ development. Our company ensures to give satisfying results, and provide you with the best workforce for your company.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc.
Hubport Corporate Bldg.,
276 A. Bonifacio Street,
Poblacion District, Davao City
Philippines 8000
Contact Numbers: (+63) 082 305 1952 or (+63) 082-327-3031
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday; 8am-5pm

1107 South Mannheim Road, Suite 208,
Westchester, IL , 60154
Contact Numbers: (+1) 011 708 5052 or (+1) 708 357 4061

You can take a bird’s eye view of our office location in Davao City, Philippines:

Philippines is one of the most preferred countries as an outsourcing destination due to the high English proficiency and cheaper costs. HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. ensures that every outsourcing joint is guaranteed to satisfy every client’s demand. HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. provides honest and effective service to clients.

Virtual Assistant
If you need help in recordkeeping, document preparation, preparing reports, monitoring your business, creating spreadsheets and presentations, fielding telephone calls, and receiving and directing victors, you need a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can help you in tasks done by office assistants, administrative assistants, and executive assistants. HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. will gladly assist.

Internet Marketing
HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. also offers Internet marketing combining the efforts to advertise and use marketing strategies that can attract potential customers initiating direct sales. Our company’s Internet marketing specialists are experts in promoting brands, products, and services throughout the Internet.

Web Design
Avail any of our website design services now! Website designers of the HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. are experts in creating unique, eye-catching, and creative websites for our clients. It is assured that every website built by our experts can effectively attract more customers, and can promote your products and services for 24/7.

Flash Design Animation
How about adding a ‘wow’ factor on your website? Or, creating an animated film for your company’s introduction? HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. offers flash design animation services that can create astounding animated films. Our company’s experts in flash design animation make sure that only the best is given to the clients.

Customer Support
HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. also offers high-quality and reliable customer support. We have a highly-dedicated team of professionals that are highly-trained and knowledgeable in their chosen field. With high English proficiency, sufficient knowledge, and patience, HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. ensures that every transaction is seamless and rewarding for both our clients and our dedicated staffs.