PH Outsourcing Is Safe, Manufacturing Is Not

The Philippines outsourcing industry in the midst of uncertainty after Donald Trump won the US Presidential election. Yet, Trump’s “America’s first” policy also leaves jitters to the BPO sector. But today, it is expected to be safe while manufacturing industry is in the danger zone.

According to Charito Plaza, Director General of Philippines Economic Zone Authority, the industry has nothing to worry about anymore as far as the Trump’s controversial policy is concerned. This was assured during his last month’s visit to Colorado to meet with investors and stakeholders who are familiar with the US President’s policy.

Plaza also explained that the said policy is more on the manufacturing sector and not for the service providers. Thus, BPO providers don’t have to worry about it. In fact, the Philippines ambassador to the US confidently confirmed that the outsourcing industry will not be affected by the America’s first” policy.

During the meeting, Plaza received a positive feedback from the group of the US Chamber of Commerce. They said that they will not press the US-based outsourcing companies in the Philippines to cut down their operational costs just to minimize the job displacements of the Americans.

However, the US is considering a regulatory intervention for some countries that host American companies where the US has the biggest country trade deficits.

As of today, the value of imported products by the US-based companies from the Philippines is higher than the exports in the country.

Meanwhile, American BPO locators are now planning to expand their investments while other IT outsourcing locators are waiting for clearer policies before they proceed for expansion in the Philippines. But, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) already launched its Roadmap 2022 where it is expected to gain a $40 billion revenue and more than 1.5 million jobs for the Philippines.



BPO sector safe, but manufacturing still in the danger from US 1st policy,



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