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Today, there are occasions wherein outsourcing companies are overwhelmed with project requests and are interested in contracting other outsourcing firms to assist them in their endeavors. Outsourcing joint ventures give way to service partnerships, wherein one company can pay to have access to the other’s pool of skilled workers in order to match up their own client requirements.

Alternatively, a contractor can also invest in an outsourcing joint venture with an outsourcing company and relinquish all the production obligations and risks to their management team. This way, they get to secure job completion minus the need for local recruitment.

Why Engage In Outsourcing Joint Ventures?

Engaging in outsourcing joint ventures is ideal for clients or companies who have an established distribution channel of which a third party is needed to utilize the profits. This is also a great option to clients or company who might want to partner another party to supply products or services that are not available in a particular location.

Outsourcing joint ventures is also a new horizon of investment if a client or company wants to enter new markets or funds growth by investing a part or low capital.


Outsourcing joint ventures require risks analysis to the core business. Thus, it also requires an experienced partner to work with.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. has been in the business for almost two decades. Most of our clients are provided with quality services using a high-end technology for a quicker and more convenient way. There is also a team of professionals wherein each of them is filled in with expertise.


Marketing for new customers in a given industry drives the rationales for joint ventures. It is also a first mover tool to take advantage of a niche market wherein the intention is to dominate as it evolves.

The Agreement

Outsourcing joint ventures to HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. defines the basic elements of the relationship. This includes:

  • Scope and purpose of outsourcing joint ventures
  • Agreed valuations and the types of contributions to each party
  • Contingency plans on the upside, which includes a definition of success and how success may come out in any organic changes to the joint enterprise
  • Contingency plans on the downsides, which includes changes not expected in the business strategy and assumption of new risks
  • Principles in making decisions and rules of governance
  • Exit strategies depending on contingencies.

Of course, this mode of delivery provides the client with less control. But then again, it does promise:

Value-Added Investments

It’s a given that services and maintenance are cheaper in the Philippines. In fact, Philippines is the most preferred country when it comes to outsourcing services due to a lot of reasons. Filipinos have the highest percentage of English proficiency, both written and verbal communication. Thus, it is easy for you to make conversation right away. Filipino workers are also known to be hardworking people and very eager to learn.

Having a Philippine outsourcing affiliate to do your business for you is not only practical but smart as well, considering that you are provided more than your money’s worth locally.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. provides the most efficient and reliable services. We have dedicated staffs to do your business for you utilizing their skills and expertise without hidden costs.

Bigger Returns

Lower costs have been the primary advantage of outsourcing joint ventures.

Since the capital needed to start an outsourcing joint venture is only a portion of the payment provided for product and service requests, the revenue is assured to be three times bigger than the investment. Add that to the fact that less effort is required from the investors end.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. ensures that bigger returns on investment will be delivered.


You don’t have to design and implement any structural plans or operative processes to guarantee professionalism among your employees. Outsourcing joint ventures apply seasoned and tested work protocols and management techniques that ensure fast turnarounds and quality outputs.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. employs an expert team of professionals to ensure that business goals to success are implemented. We also ensure that stability is foreseen before, during and beyond.


HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. gives the client or company access to knowledge pools that you might not have. Instead of trying to build your own workforce, we will provide it for your business. These days, companies go back to their core business and use external partners to take care of the rest. HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. can do that for you.

Time Zone Coverage

By using external providers, clients or company can cover time zones that are not covered by your domestic region. HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. has the workforce willing to work non-regular office hours. It also enables the client or company to manage its capacity and staff. This includes quality and quantity, a certain number of hours, or any other type of working commitment.

Better Risk Management

Since the majority of the activities are shared with a credible and established 3rd party outsourcing firm, and they are made responsible for the deliverables, the investing company/client faces lesser risks in completing projects. If issues do arise, he is most likely only to intervene upon the exhaustion of the outsourcing provider’s problem-solving capacity.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. provides better risk management to ensure client’s interest in terms of business goals to success.

Should You Be Outsourcing Joint Ventures?

Outsourcing joint ventures to us provides important values and goals. Those values overshadow the basic goals of effective business process management for a joint venture.

Outsourcing joint ventures can help grow your business and expand it into new markets. But, they can be very complex and require excellent relationships.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. as an outsourcing provider and partner, expect that our answer would be enthusiastically “YES”. But, we also fully understand that this needs to be analyzed and evaluate yourself. Start weighing in the benefits you may reap off and several factors you need to consider.

HP Outsourcing Philippines, Inc. is more than willing to be a part of your business’ success. Simply contact us to get things started.