As one of the several outsourced services that have become widely popular among internet businesses, particularly because of its relevance, software development actually refers to the process of using select techniques to further improve the quality of an existing software. It can also pertain to the conceptualization, design and creation of a new software for the purpose of retails or application. This process typically involves expertise in various technologies like PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Oracle, Developer 2000, CGI/Perl, ASP, JSP, HTML, DHTML, C++ as well as comprehensive background in using Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Access databases. Software development also requires keen knowledge in the use of PHP, Visual Basic, Developer 2000 languages and programming tools.

Like web development and other outsourced services, software development also involves several procedures. For this, the entire process starts off with a comprehensive evaluation of an existing system – a process that is usually done by conducting an interview of a pool of system users and support personnel. Deficiencies in the system would then be identified and addressed in order to define new system requirements. Software developers would later design a proposed system that features physical construction, hardware, operating systems, programming, communications and security improvements. A new system that embodies new components and programs would later be developed and installed. Software developers would then use and test all aspects of performance and do the required changes before the new system can is put is eventually implemented for general use.

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