Ensure High Customer Satisfaction With Our Technical Support Experts

The Philippines is home to innumerable IT experts working in different technical support organizations These people have extensive experience in providing technical assistance to clients from within and outside the country. Raised in an environment that once was subject to American colonization, it has been a favorite trait of Filipinos to perfectly adapt, use and understand the English language. And with their great affinity to Western influence, Filipinos rarely find it hard to communicate with foreign clients and address their business needs and requirements, especially concerning information technology. As an added bonus, the country actually welcomes thousands of fresh graduates yearly who eagerly engage in technical training so as to confidently provide assistance regarding software and equipment problems as technical support agents.

Now, technical support staffs are usually grouped together depending on the kind of service they specialize in. For example, Level 1 Technical Support is deemed responsible for basic customer issues and is practically tasked to elicit client information and concerns. Also, Level 1 renders troubleshooting including the retrieval of username and passwords as well as installing basic software. Professionals at Level 2 Technical Support group, meanwhile, are commissioned to assist Tier 1 personnel and are responsible for solving technical problems beyond the capabilities of first level technicians. Lastly, IT professionals at Level 3 are tasked to assist both Tier 1 and 2 personnel in giving interventions as well as to research and develop new solutions to new client submitted issues.

HP Outsourcing Philippines Inc. is a company of IT experts who has been providing excellent Technical Support to small and medium entrepreneurs as well as large scale businesses. We have been in the outsourcing industry for almost 12 years now and we are continually expanding our IT support capabilities so we could be of better service to our portfolio of clients. As of today, we offer various methods of technical assistance (including phone, chat and email) in order to complement the needs of different businesses.